Benefibre Fibre Supplement Powder

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Benefibre Fibre Supplement Powder is a 100% natural fiber supplement that you can mix with almost anything. It's taste-free, grit-free fiber powder that will never thicken. So it won't alter the taste or texture of your foods or beverages.
Stir 2 teaspoons of Benefibre® powder into 4-8 oz. of any beverage† or soft food (hot or cold). Stir well until fiber powder is dissolved. if you are 12 years or older, your dosage should be 2 teaspoons, 3 times daily. If you are 6 years to 11 years old, your dosage should be 1 teaspoon, 3 times daily. If under 6 years, ask your doctor before use.

Clear and Taste Free